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allow for pull requests to require approval (BB-6920)

Devon IT
created an issue

We would like to modify our workflow to require that a pull request requires as least two approvals from the team in order to merge into our master tree. Is this is already possible with bitbucket?

Obviously we can simply tell our project leads not to accept a pull request until two approvals show up, but we try to maintain a team-based mentality where no single member has totalitarian control. Having said that, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that every single change that makes it in has indeed been reviewed by multiple parties.

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  1. Devon IT reporter

    I am often confused by Atlassian's offerings.. We have been moved from FeCru to Bitbucket, yet it seems that Stash provides the same features as Bitbucket plus some fine grained control?

    Why was this not discussed in the migration documentation? Furthermore, why are there two products that provide git support from Atlassian instead of having, for example, an "enterprise" package for bitbucket? We'd probably pay for it.

    Also, is Stash a hosted solution?

    Finally, I'm a bit put off as a paying customer that the answer to this is simply "we're not going to do that." We're developers, can we help? Is there a way for me to get the community to upvote this feature to impress upon you that it may be worth the development time? In fact, because you already have the ability to approve a pull request, it occurs to me that something like this might not be such a technical hurdle. If not here, where does one go to pursue a feature like this?

  2. Wyatt Anderson

    Wow, I didn't even know Stash existed. We were also migrated to Bitbucket from OnDemand SVN and would probably have gladly switched to Stash if it was available as a hosted solution.

    I'll echo the desire for an "enterprise" package for BitBucket.

  3. Doron Gill

    Echoing everything said here. Having this feature would be great. The move to Stash does not help as its not available as part of the onDemand suite. Atlassian should get its act together as far as treating its customers better

  4. Pawan Agarawal

    Our team could really, really use this feature, as well. With a growing team and lots of people trying to merge code, it would be very nice to be capable of putting some restraints on when people can merge to minimize the risk of breaking master.

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