one SSH Key for two accounts

Oliver Kriška avatarOliver Kriška created an issue

I have two accounts. One account is for my firm's projects and next one is for my private projects. But I can not add SSH key from my macbook to my private account. Can I use one key for two accounts? It show me this error: Someone has already registered that SSH key.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    I think you have already figured it out: you cannot share an SSH key across multiple accounts.

    The reason behind this is that when you use SSH, your key identifies which bitbucket account you authenticate as (and in turn, whether you have the required privileges to access the repo) and if your key were attached to more than one account, we wouldn't know who to authenticate as.

  2. Happily Coded

    Although I understand what Erik says, but it makes things difficult for me. I am part of two organizations at the same time, and both of them use BitBucket, and I have to commit code to both of them (at different times) from my same computer.

    I'll just check if I can have the already approved user (from the other firm) added in the other firm and get pushes working.

    Still not sure if both the organizations will be happy with this.

    Would be more than happy if you allow us to use one key for multiple accounts

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