Md in Wiki hasn't HTML tags support

Zlatan Vasović avatarZlatan Vasović created an issue

See In that reference, creator talk about HTML tags support.

Markdown can be configured to produce HTML-style tags; e.g.:

Why BitBucket Wikis hasn't that? I want to add


Thanks in advance.

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  1. Zach Davis

    Hi Zlatan,

    In your referenced text, I believe the author is referring to the ability to configure whether markdown produces xhtml-style tabs (<br/>) or html-style (<br>), not about writing html directly in Markdown.

    At this time, we have no plans to support user-generated html.

    Cheers, Zach

  2. Jon Mooring

    As stated above, at this time, we have no plans to support user-generated HTML. By implementing these constraints, we're better able to ensure that wiki content is displayed in a sensible manner.

    If your wiki page requires the use of tables, I would recommend that you use one of our other available syntaxes. Both Creole and reStructuredText define them in their specs.


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