CAnnot see the created Wiki page...

Viktor Horvath avatarViktor Horvath created an issue


my problem has been described here in pretty detail (in the comments):

"I can't see the wiki pages I create after pressing Home. How do I list all my wiki pages?"

"The best way to do this is to clone the Wiki and work with it on your local drive. See the section Updating your wiki pages above."

"(apologies in advance for bad language) Seriously, wake the fuck up. You need to be able to view all the pages you have created online. This is 2012. I can edit, build and deploy applications online. I certainly expect a company the understands wikis to grok this. It does NOT make sense to have work locally on a wiki just to see the pages I wrote It is not "wrong" or "unwiki" to be able to see your pages This is not a side issue, or an enhancement Please just start by implementing /wiki/pages in a simple RESTian fashion and go from there."

Can you do anything about it? BTW bitbucket is great! :)

Thanks, Viktor

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