Add more than one Google Account no longer possible since today

Florian Kaiser avatarFlorian Kaiser created an issue

I always had linked two Google accounts with my BitBucket account. One private and one for business. Since today this is no longer possible because of the new connected accounts feature. If I try to add my second account Im getting an error page. Please make it possible again. I realy need this feature!

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  1. Jon Mooring

    Hi Florian,

    All existing OpenID associations should be intact and you should still be able to access the associated Bitbucket accounts through the login form. Our new OAuth integration with Google unfortunately limits users to one account per service for the time being. We may look at expanding this to allow multiple connections in the future, but there are no plans to do this in the near-term.


  2. Tom Clift

    Just got bitten by this. A workaround is to use authentication via Google for one Google account, and user/pass authentication for the other Google accounts - just need to remember which one works and which ones take you to the "Error 500" page.

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