GET a list of user privileges granted on a repository

R_Peres avatarR_Peres created an issue

This call is not working. I am making the following request: I know that I have permissions (admin) on the repository, but It will only return:

[] (empty array)

Another example, If I try to get my privileges like this:

(meanwhile it was changed)

Although I have read permission on the same repo (assar-chouricas) it won't show me that on the list.

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  1. Jon Mooring

    Only users who have been granted explicit user-level access to the repository (not via groups or owner/creator rights) are exposed by the /privileges/ endpoint.

    If you would like to see users granted access via groups, please use the /group-privileges/ endpoint like so:

    If you need to know the owner or creator of a repository, please use the /repositories/ endpoint like so:

    Hope this helps,

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