"Flat" source browsing (BB-7486)

Wilko Nienhaus avatarWilko Nienhaus created an issue

It would be nice to have an alternative way of browsing the source code (files), by showing all files in the repo on a single page, rather than requiring the user to drill-down into the subfolders.

A screenshot of how this could look like is attached.

We work with Magento modules a lot which tend to have a rather deep directory structure, so to get to the actual files one often has to navigate at least 5-6 directories down.

The attached screenshot shows how we customised our internal HgWeb interface (special theme+hacking HgWeb internals), but now that we are switching to Bitbucket, this feature is dearly missed by all. The screenshot also shows a great example of Magento modules often having more subfolders than files.

This feature could be a per-module or per-user setting.

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  1. Wilko Nienhaus
    • changed status to open


    The "Quick file search" feature is great (thanks for adding that), but it assumes the user knows what file to open.

    Since the actual names of the files are different in each repo we use, and there is only a very limited pattern, having an overview of all files on one page would be a great feature.

    Since the directory structure of Magento modules is pretty standard, having a one page view of all files would also give a great overview, with a single glance, of what areas of the product the module touches.

    Would you consider adding such a view at all at some point in the future?

  2. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Wilko,

    At this stage we have no plans to implement a flat file view now or in the near future.

    However, I will leave this issue open and if it turns out that more people want this feature we will consider it in the future.

    Please watch this issue for further updates.

    Cheers, Brian

  3. Juha Kuitunen

    +1: I think this would be useful.

    Quick file search tool does not give good enough overview on a repo where you don't know filenames already. In addition that tool is not even working on a browser I'd like to use most (Issue #6584)

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