Enable Bulk Manage of Individual Repo Permissions so they can be Moved to Groups (BB-7387)

Mike Schinkel avatarMike Schinkel created an issue

As the title suggests. Add bulk user management capabilities to the issue tracker to assist users in migrating to groups.

Edited for clarity --@mbertrand80

Comments (5)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Mike,

    I understand why you would want this. However I don't believe this is a problem that the majority of our customers are facing.

    Realistically I don't believe we are going to spend the time to fix this.

    Thanks for understanding,


  2. Mike Schinkel

    Hi Dylan Etkin - If you are correct that many people don't have this need then I understand, however I would be surprised it that is actually true.

    Anyway, hopefully you will at least consider issue #6152 so that we can audit our accounts and make sure that former employees and contractors no longer have access. If nothing else, the ability to view a single report showing who has what access for each of the repos in our account.

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