need a forwarder option for renamed repos

Ben Buchanan avatarBen Buchanan created an issue

We renamed /atlassian/aui-archive/ to /atlassian/aui/ ... but there's no way to forward users from the old name to the new. If we'd deleted the repo it seems we could have forwarded it so it seems a bit odd we can't forward a renamed repo.

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    While I can see why this would be useful. I believe that the use case is limited and would cause a few niggling problems. i.e. what do you do if you try to create a repo with the same name as the forwarded one.

    To achieve this, I suggest:

    1. Create a repo aui-archive
    2. Delete it
    3. Have the deleted repo forward to aui
  2. Alexander Dupuy

    Re-creating and deleting the repository will generate a user-visible redirection (via 503 error) but it would be really nice to have the ability to create a 301 redirection instead.

  3. cowwoc

    Alexander Dupuy HTTP 301 is defined as Moved Permanently and some browsers take that literally. Meaning, if you decide to reuse that name in the future, those clients won't ever allow you to hit the URL. They'll keep on forwarding to the redirected address long after it is not relevant.

    Consider HTTP 301 with expiration headers, or using HTTP 307. I personally favor 307 because some browsers (Apple, I'm looking at you) ignore expiration headers on 301.

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