Issue #6385 wontfix

Ability to add reviewers on commit page (BB-7545)

Andreas Knecht
created an issue

Would be awesome if I could add participants that I'd like to review a particular commit (for example on the commit page. BB should then notify these people to take a look at the commit.

At the moment I have to notify people manually to take a look at a commit. (I'm doing super lightweight code reviews. Don't want to do the full branching/pull request for this project).

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  1. Andy Loucas

    Wondering if I'm missing something but pull requests can only be used when changes were pushed from another branch? But often I want to add other people when commenting on commits that were straight into default, how can we do this without working off a separate branch for every commit?

  2. Ian Phillips

    I'm voting for this, too. I realize the discipline of creating a pull request is important for many teams, particularly large ones, but I'm on a team of two and we're sitting right next to each other. Creating a separate branch for some issues is an overhead that I don't need.

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