tags not showing up in web interface (BB-690)

lakka avatarlakka created an issue

I have several tags in my repository, which are listed in .hgtags, and which show up when I clone and perform hg tags. But they do not appear in the dropdown list of tags on the overview page, nor do they appear under tags and snapshots on the downloads page. Please can you take a look?

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  1. lakka

    I have DRUPAL-7-0-UNSTABLE-1 through to DRUPAL-7-0-UNSTABLE-6 (amongst others). Of those, only DRUPAL-7-0-UNSTABLE-2 is showing up in the web interface. All are visible on 'hg clone' followed by 'hg tags'. AS far as I can tell, all of the relevant changesets are there.

  2. Jesper Nøhr

    So about 25, then? We limit it there, since a longer list would be crazy in the web interface. Would you like us to list all the tags in the dropdown, or..?

  3. lakka

    That'll be it then. I have over 40 tags. #545 is related, but suggests that all the tags will be shown since it makes no mention of any restriction! If there is a hard limit of 25, (1) I guess this should be documented somewhere, and (2) wouldn't it make more sense to display the 25 most recent tags? It looks to me like the oldest tags are being displayed at the moment.

  4. fakeleft


    +1 for most recent tags (though scrolling the complete list like gmail labels seems like the more correct solution)

    This can actually be a fairly big deal: in my case, I use tortoisehg. They just put out 0.8.1 claiming to use hg 1.3.1... it was pretty disconcerting to not see a 1.3.1 tag in the hg-stable list...

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