commit can not be opened and hg can not pull after some new push

hglass avatarhglass created an issue

I have a repo today,a dev pushed some code, which commits can not opened and give me an error page

like this commit

I got an error "Something went wrong.

You can contact support or create a public issue if the problem persists. This might be useful in debugging the problem: d764379b13664db58f3b3659f0caff9b$e02932939b5e7a20868d59d43ee8c5b9"

Also, I can not pull from client,it give me 500 error

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    I had a look at your repo and it appears to contain corruption. Changeset 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12 have corrupted revlogs and manifests.

    I cannot fix these corrupted commits, but what I can do is remove them, essentially reverting your repo to the version of rev 4 (5dc060cc27cc). You can then push up from your local version again.

    Now the real question is where the corruption was introduced. You should verify the integrity of your local clones immediately, running:

    $ hg verify

    If they are ok, then we can proceed with deleting the corrupted changesets in bitbucket so you can push a fresh copy of them.

    If you want, we can take this to a proper support case, instead of discussing potential details of your private repo on this public issue tracker. To do this, please email and refer to this issue.

  2. hglass

    I checked that dev's local repo using "hg verify" and got a lot revlog corrupt issue, emailed support to revert to revision 4. thanks.

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