Issue #6576 resolved

View new/open issues of all team repos on dashboard (BB-7761)

Simon Holywell avatarSimon Holywell created an issue

Project managers need to have a view of all tickets so they can keep an eye on what is happening in the production teams.

They will not be creating all the tickets so they won't know they exist to be able to watch them. Of course they also will not be assigned to every ticket so they cannot see it that way either.

So it would be fantastic if a user was able to see a view of all tickets in a specified team rather than just those that are created by you, assigned to you or watched by you.

I currently have a little PHP hack that hits the API every 5 minutes and downloads every ticket it can find for every project it can find for a particular team we have about 110 repositories and growing). Obviously this is highly inefficient and uses copious amounts of Bitbucket's bandwidth and ours so it would be great if this could be removed.

The new dashboard is excellent and goes a long way to resolving our major issues, but there is this last sticking point that it would be great to see fixed.

Please the following Twitter exchange for more information:

Comments (12)

  1. Erik van Zijst

    Actually, I'm just going to close this as a duplicate. The need for custom persisting custom filters (which would address your requirements) already exists.

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