REST API: Event Type "pushed"

thedillonb avatarthedillonb created an issue

There seems to be a new event type that has completely replaced the event type of "commit" with zero documentation on how to decipher it. Please consider the following output:

        "node": null,
        "description": "(dp0\nS'total_commits'\np1\nI2\nsS'commits'\np2\n(lp3\n(dp4\nS'hash'\np5\nV371edaee4b3b51c484e37ea4054b66d89da73e15\np6\nsS'description'\np7\nS'New Wiki Event & Wiki path forward slash check'\np8\nsa(dp9\ng5\nV5d0c13555805f1a6471ba5232c7fcea64d661826\np10\nsg7\nS'Fixed issue with Wiki. Missing forward slash in path'\np11\nsas.",
        "repository": {
            "scm": "git",
            "has_wiki": true,
            "last_updated": "2013-04-04 01:29:15",
            "creator": null,
            "created_on": "2012-06-05 01:58:10",
            "owner": "thedillonb",
            "logo": "",
            "email_mailinglist": "",
            "is_mq": false,
            "size": 31886172,
            "read_only": false,
            "fork_of": null,
            "mq_of": null,
            "followers_count": 1,
            "state": "available",
            "utc_created_on": "2012-06-04 23:58:10+00:00",
            "website": "",
            "description": "A Monotouch project for Bitbucket",
            "has_issues": true,
            "is_fork": false,
            "slug": "bitbucketbrowser",
            "is_private": true,
            "name": "BitbucketBrowser",
            "language": "c#",
            "utc_last_updated": "2013-04-03 23:29:15+00:00",
            "email_writers": true,
            "no_public_forks": false,
            "resource_uri": "/1.0/repositories/thedillonb/bitbucketbrowser"
        "created_on": "2013-03-16 17:12:31",
        "user": {
            "username": "thedillonb",
            "first_name": "Dillon",
            "last_name": "",
            "display_name": "thedillonb",
            "is_team": false,
            "avatar": "",
            "resource_uri": "/1.0/users/thedillonb"
        "utc_created_on": "2013-03-16 16:12:31+00:00",
        "event": "pushed"

What is the encoding used to construct the "description" field which looks like it has embedded values in it. Also, with these kinds of changes, why are they being delivered to the 1.0 API interface? Why not put non-backwards compatible changes into the 2.0 version of the API?

Comments (6)

  1. thedillonb

    Jesper, I can confirm that your fix works for requesting events on a repository. However, it looks as if the problem is still present when requesting events on a user:

    Still produces:

    ... { "node": null, "description": "(dp0\nS'total_commits'\np1\nI1\nsS'commits'\np2\n(lp3\n(dp4\nS'hash'\np5\nV3edf06c7efa468d4caf3c0c53c3f9fd5b1fb8c0c\np6\nsS'description'\np7\nS'Some great work!'\np8\nsas.", "repository": { "scm": "git",


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