Create a view for issues from all repositories of a given user (BB-710)

David Larlet avatarDavid Larlet created an issue

Probably under /username/issues/ with all opened issues for all repositories. It'll avoid switching around all projects/forks to deal with those.

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  1. Justen Stepka

    We do not have an estimate or planned implemented for the change.

    If you're hard up for a way to solve this, you could use the issue REST API to build an aggregation of your own issues.

  2. Sebastian Berm

    Would it be possible to give an estimate based upon the quarter of the year? (eg second quarter of 2012 or third quarter)

    That way I can decide if we're gonna switch to this, or just stay with Mantis for a few new large projects ;)

  3. Anonymous

    +1 (glad to read that above)

    It has been the thing I've missed most since moving from Github.

  4. Radim Klaška

    It's nice to see some good news. :-) Some thoughts from my (duplicate) issue:

    It would be nice to be able to show

    • issues from my repositories
    • issues from repositories I'm following
    • all my issues
    • issues that are assigned to me
  5. Jason Wang


    With a collection of repositories, it's nearly impossible to find issues that are assigned to me causing me to waste time looking for these issues.

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