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Annotated tag messages cannot be viewed (BB-8217)

Samuli Lappi
created an issue

When an annotated tag is created like this:

git tag -a v0.1 -m "An annotated tag"
git push origin v0.1

The tag message cannot be viewed in Bitbucket web page. Only way to view the tag is to clone the repository and use the command:

git show v0.1

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  1. Peter Denton

    Agree with this, but I'm not sure where on the site it should show up. One place would be on mouseover of [v0.1] that shows up on the right side of the relevant commit on the commits page.

    Another idea is that since there is a brances page /uname/reponame/branches that lists relevant branches, perhaps there should be a tag page that lists relevant tags with links to the commits they point to, the already existent view for tags under the commit view, and (of course) the tag message.

  2. Dave Amphlett

    +1 I just felt the pain of not having this feature - coupled with 5 wasted minutes trying to figure out how to do it. Hover over the tag in the commit list would be the obvious place for it.

  3. John Hamelink

    I use git-flow and so the annotations I add to merges are quite important for me. I think a nice place to put it would be twofold:

    • As a paragraph at the top of <repo>/commits/tag/v0.2
    • As a description of each download in the tags tab (/downloads#tag-downloads)
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