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Bastian Bretagne avatarBastian Bretagne created an issue

Hello support, how are you?

I am a fresh new French user and I have seen a display issue showing a miss-closed tag on the url:

On this page in the first rectangle for Plan under 'Changer de dépot' (en: change repo?) we can see '">Gérer la facturation' (en: Manage Billing ?)

It does not allow us to click on the button 'Gérer la facturation'; I have then sort it in major problems - I don't know if it is working for English viewers, that's your part of investigation :)

I also have provided a screenshot to show you :)

Do not hesitate to contact me back if you need more details.

Thank you !

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Bastian,

    Good catch! Our translations are community-driven. It looks like someone mistranslated the first string, and added markup to the second translation when they shouldn't have. I've corrected both translations and deployed the corrections. Everything should be good now.

    Thanks for the report!

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