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Add "Your Contributions" to user profile (BB-8346)

Roei Oved avatarRoei Oved created an issue

Hi, Would be great if you will have contributions graph and stats like GitHub. It's a great graph to check your team mates activity.

Attached GitHub screenshot.


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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Roei,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    The user profile page isn't in our immediate development road map, but I've added this to our internal backlog to review later.

  2. Tom Green

    To be fair I have migrated the majority of my personal repos over to Github given Bitbucket's seeming ignorance to this issue (and a host of very similar requests).

    I find that now a days my repos act as my CV, and therefore the Github's activity log makes it very easy to see how active I am.

  3. Roei Oved

    I agree with Tom Green, it extremely helpful when we (as a company) review repository activity as part of our requirement process, and showing our contributes and activity as individuals

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