Issue #7211 wontfix

Chosing chinese character names for repositories resuls in repository name clash

David Roehrscheid avatarDavid Roehrscheid created an issue

Chosing a repository name written with exactly 4 chinese characters causes the repository URL to be of the form:

where each chinese character has been replaced by a dash. Trying to create a different repository with a different name, but the same number of characters (e.g. 4 in this case), results in the following message on

"You already have a repository with this name."

The name of the first repository is displayed correctly in the web interface. Adding some form of repository ID the the URL would solve this problem.

Comments (2)

  1. Marcus Bertrand

    Unfortunately, our repository slugs don't support these characters and must replace them with -. This means this will happen if you have two repositories that have different names, but the same number of characters that can't be encoded into the slug.

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