Identical emails (with mixed case) get confused in the profile page

Matthew Robinson avatarMatthew Robinson created an issue

I seem to have two email addresses attached to my profile which are identical apart from the case of some of the characters. They are both listed on the Email Addresses page. One of the emails is marked as the 'primary' address and the other has an option to 'resend confirmation'.

My account constantly says the email address is unconfirmed in the header bar.

If I click on the 'resent confirmation' link the page changes to show both email addresses as 'primary'. However, as soon as I navigate away from the page the error reappears in the header bar and the email addresses page returns to the previous state.

If I try to delete the second address it says I can't delete the primary address.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry about that. I'm still looking into what went wrong, but in the meantime I've deleted the all-lowercase unconfirmed email address you added. You shouldn't see the warning message about it anymore.

    I'll update this issue when I have more information around the bug.

  2. Matthew Robinson

    Hi Brodie,

    Thanks for getting rid of the warning message for me.

    If it helps, I don't remember explicitly adding the second address. As far as I remember it just appeared.


  3. Brodie Rao

    Hi Matt,

    Glad to hear everything's working now.

    I've put an issue in our internal backlog to address the original duplicate issue. Thanks for the report!

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