Allow viewing source/diffs without width restrictions (BB-8405)

Daniel Kjellin avatarDaniel Kjellin created an issue

When viewing a changeset (pull request, or a commit, so such) the UI has a fixed width of 980px. This is really quite ridiculous on a wide screen with lots of whitespace on either side and the scollbar at the very bottom, making for a very poor user experience. When doing code reviews I usually open firebug and adjust the width to 95% and hey presto, nice wide layout and things scale nicely. Can we make that a permanent change and do away with the fixed width? (setting some sort of minimal width of course).

Comments (5)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    This isn't something that would be in our immediate development road map right now, but I've put an issue for this in our internal backlog. When there's development around this, we'll update this issue.

    In the meantime, you might consider using a browser extension like Stylish so you don't have to manually change it each time.

  2. Anton Kukoba

    I've installed Stylish so now I get a wider view, which is very good.

    Stylish itself doesn't provide the css for wider view on Where do you get one?

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