Cannot invite attendees of my training

Klaus UNGER avatarKlaus UNGER created an issue

Always get an 500 - Internal error when entering a valid email address

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Klaus,

    It looks like the invitation form is failing because of an invisible "left-to-right mark" character that your browser/OS is inserting.

    I'm not sure under what circumstances this character gets inserted, but I'll look into getting a fix out.

    As a workaround, you might try another browser, or try temporarily setting your OS language or keyboard input to a left-to-right language (if it's set to a right-to-left language).

  2. Klaus UNGER

    well - i copied the emails from a MS Exchange email (sorry for this ;) )

    I was able to invite people, when I entered the emails manually Please feel free to close it!

    Never the less ... when I invite a couple of people, it would be nice to have a dedicated error message for the faulty email near the faulty email and not only on top. A hint which where invited successfuly would also be nice!

    just my 2 cents and sorry for the noise ;)



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