Issue #7258 resolved

Repository image problems

Stijn van Tussenbroek avatarStijn van Tussenbroek created an issue


Whenever I try to change my repository image, I get a 500 error. This happens when I choose an image and try to save the repository details. The iframe changes to a 500 page, the page refreshes and shows a success message.

I tried searching for this bug in the issue tracker, but I couldn't find it yet.

Thanks in advance, Stijn

Comments (6)

  1. Marcus Bertrand

    Can you clarify what you mean by image? Can you give us an example screenshot or URL? If you'd prefer, you can give us this information privately to

  2. Daniel Salamon

    I have (almost) the same issue with this too. I get this image instead of what I uploaded, and this is not even saved, so when I refresh the page, nothing happens, I have the default bucket icon.

    (I tried to upload a 128x128 PNG.)

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