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Putting a title in wiki page with a period like Desk.com causes issue.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz

    Hi Amit,

    I'm not having any trouble with wiki pages with a period in the title. Can you give me some more information about this?

    • When are you having problems with this? (from the website, pushing, pulling, etc.)
    • If this is a local problem, what operating system are you using?

    Let me know and I can help get this resolved for you!


  2. Amit A

    Still seems to be happening.

    I'm on the website just adding a new wiki page to one of our repositories. Using Chrome on Windows.


    Is the link it tries to take me to after I attempt to create the page. Get a 404 error.

    I think then it may successfully create the page, but it seems like redirecting to it is a problem. Perhaps something in the way the url is constructed?

  3. Amit A

    There's no time constraint on my end I just created a separate page without the period. Just wanted to alert ya'll to it.

  4. Brian Nguyen

    We have only been able to reproduce this once and after refreshing the page we didn't receive a 404.

    I suspect that the issue is caused by how the files are stored and should have nothing to do with the title of the wiki page.

    I'm closing this issue as won't fix for the moment, but if we hear any more instances of this we will look into this more closely.

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