an unsupported obfuscator 1

netpride avatarnetpride created an issue

More than one obfuscator detected: MaxtoCode (use: -p mc) Xenocode (use: -p xc) Detected MaxtoCode (F:\111\de4dot-2.0.3\jyrck.dll) Cleaning F:\111\de4dot-2.0.3\jyrck.dll ERROR: ERROR: ERROR: ERROR: Hmmmm... something didn't work. Try the latest version. ERROR: EX: System.ArgumentException : message: 源数组长度不足。请检查 srcInd ex 和长度以及数组的下限。 ERROR: If it's a supported obfuscator, it could be a bug or a new obfuscator ver sion. ERROR: If it's an unsupported obfuscator, make sure the methods are decrypted! ERROR: Send bug reports to or go to /de4dot/issues ERROR: I will need the original files, so email me a link to the installer or a

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