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Plans and billing (Team) issue

Alexander Oryol
created an issue

Hello, develops :)

Limit to users in private repo is 5, it's OK. I have 6 members in Team, include self.

In user documentation I saw:

Team accounts include the members and other non-members with access. For a team account the owner is not included in the user limit.

But after I added sixth user (include him-self!), I see message: "It's time for adlabs to upgrade to the next user level. Committers will have read-only access. Upgrade now."

And commiters team's now in Read-Only mode :(

I feel sad.

Thanks for replies.

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  1. Brian Nguyen staff


    Looking at your adlabs account, you have 5 users currently with access not including the adlabs account itself ( Adding an additional member will put you at 6 members.

    In our documentation we mean that the team account, in this case 'adlabs', does not count towards the user limit. Any other accounts still count.

    Cheers, Brian

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