Inbox (2) (BB-8783)

FeanorPk avatarFeanorPk created an issue

Hi, currently I'm not able to view new messages, that were sent directly to me by another user. I've received 2 emails with the content of these messages and there are 2 new indicated by Inbox (2) combo. But when I navigate to Inbox by clicking on Inbox (2), I cannot see any messages there. Is it a bug or some king of embarrassing behavior?

Comments (6)

  1. FeanorPk

    Hi, it seems that this bug only appears for messages that were replies to my own messages. Because I can see simple direct messages, but messages that are replies only appeared as a email notifications (see example of such message format below), and I've never was able to see them in my inbox.

    Denis Zhukovetc sent you a message: [message content] In reply to FeanorPk [My quoted message content]

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