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Bitbucket does not have pages/flatfile site hosting like Github and Sourceforge

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue allows people to host pages on their custom domain and that may include not just static html but also blogs based on jekyll and hackyll see an example:

Sourceforge also allows people to host sites and pages even forums and blog sites that have a database

This is what bitbucket does not allow, and lack of this feature has put me off as because with bitbucket I cannot have my own project's good looking start/home page in bitbucket which I can still have in both Sourceforge and Github

In bitbucket the project's home page provided on a custom domain - which I will get for my project looks like a scientist's diary and I cannot show this to normal/newbie people who will be visiting my software project's homepage to know about it, I need a better looking startpage and hence I have decided to switch to github currently for this project.

if in future it allows the same, please let me know, I may create another project here.. just because bitbucket allows private repos which github doesnt allow yet on the free quota.

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