Issue #7842 open

Add support for cherry picking on pull requests (BB-9006)

Moises Henriquez
created an issue

When someone issues a Pull Request, I'd like to have an option to cherry pick which files to accept. If I spot something I dont like on the diffs, I'd like an option to reject that particular file without having to reject the entire pull request.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    How do you see this working? Would you expect to be able to still merge the PR and only merge those selected files? Or do you merely want a visual element on the page to communicate to the author that one or more files need more work?

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    But that might mean that Bitbucket needs to create a new commit on the source (or intermediary) branch first, where some of the files are reverted. Otherwise the merge isn't actually a merge.

    Cherry-picking is normally used to apply (all) changes from a specific commit onto another commit and does not work on a per-file level.

    To be honest, I'm not sure how feasible and practical this is, but I'll raise an internal issue so that it can be discussed.

  3. Dave Van den Eynde

    I landed here after a google search, and I must say I'm also interested in the ability to create a pull request based on one or more specific commits via bitbucket-side cherry-picking.

  4. Bill Johnson

    I would offer that this functionality shouldn't cherry-pick at the file level but at the commit level. A pull request is a collection of commits and if a commit is declined, it is removed from the merge once the pull request is approved.

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