Issue in cloning a repo in a multi repo account

Javad Chamanara avatarJavad Chamanara created an issue

I have an account with multiple repositories belonging to it. Its two days I am trying to clone private repository using different git clients (TortoiseGIT, git command line and SourceTree) but all of them clone my other repository (SciQL). I also tried to clone other repositories but the result is the same! Note: all the tools ask for a username password and I enter vaiona as username as well as my password. Note1: I have cloned these repos on my first laptop without any problem but know I want to have VWF.Mvc on a second machine

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  1. Javad Chamanara

    I have tested the https on another machine using "javadch" user and it works properly!! So I have no clue what is happening on that machine. Any clue, advice, ...

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