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Allow use of Token for http authentication (BB-5446)

Mutlu Dogruel
created an issue

Similar to other sites, allow use of a token in place of the basic authentication.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Support for archive download via curl/wget with private/public key authentication (BB-9060)

    There is no equivalent of "svn export" in Mercurial. But there is "hg archive", which can only be used in your local repository. Unfortunately, it does not take a URL argument for a remote repository. So, in a deployment scenario in which you don't want to get all the history and metadata, but just a snapshot of your repository for a specific revision: you clone, then optionally do an "hg archive", and finally delete the .hg folder.

    The alternative is to use curl:

    curl --digest --user my_name:my_password -o

    Is there a way to allow this download by ssh authentication, instead of having to supply user name and password? If not, can it be added as a new feature please?

    This has a good use case in automatic deployment platforms such as Opscode Chef. With a private key, a Chef recipe must be able to get a snapshot of a mercurial repository. (For git this is not a big issue, "git archive" command already supports remote URLs, but hg archive does not).

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