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Missing total count of commits in repository (BB-9097)

Eliazer Braun
created an issue

For the commits view In the pagination It used to say the count and the total commits

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  1. Eliazer Braun reporter

    I am referring that in the UI (user interface) The total count (pagination count visual aid) is missing... there is ONLY two arrows next and previous without reference to the index of the commit

  2. Brandon Martel

    Was this ever rectified? I found myself looking around like I was crazy, thinking I was overlooking where the total commit count went. Now that I know it is not there, and I'm not crazy, it would be very helpful to have that metric shown to me (in any capacity) from the repository view.

  3. lordpsyan

    I have to agree. github shows number of commits, and I think where the overview page shows last commit time, it should also show total commits. It lets me know how often people are working on a repo, quickly.

  4. Manas N

    Bitbucket is a great tool! And after some searching about viewing total number of commits, I am here. Total number of commits in the web UI. Yes, please!

  5. Petar Petrov

    +1 Not really super important, but I'd like to see this working as well.

    Seems to kind of boost developers' confidence when they see the amount of commits stacking up in a project. ;)

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