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Subscribing to all issue updates for a tracker (BB-9127)

holger krekel avatarholger krekel created an issue

I'd appreciate a setting where i can switch on email-notification for all created issues and updates to them related to a repository. Currently, one can only subscribe in-general to new issue creation but then has to go to the issue itself and watch it. I am connected to many projects and for some of them i want to see all issues-creation and changes through e-mail without this repetetive step of going to the web UI.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi holger krekel

    On a repository page you should be able to click the submenu (down arrow) for the watch icon in the top right (the eye) and subscribe to all issue updates.

    Do you have "All issues" ticked for the "Subscribe to notifications about" section?



  2. holger krekel

    I have "subscribe to notifications about (x) all issues (x) all pull requests" ticked in all my repos. I get issue creation mails but am not subscribed to updates from others automatically (this is the culprit).

  3. holger krekel
    • changed status to open

    Re-opening because one can only subscribe to all "issue creation" but not "all issue creation & updates". I'd call it "auto-watch issues". Thanks for caring!

  4. Marcus Bertrand


    At the moment, such a feature probably wouldn't make it into the roadmap in the near future. If you can get more users interested by voting, this can always change!

  5. Zach Davis

    Hi Holger,

    Our notifications system is designed to work in the way you describe. Are you still only seeing notifications for new issues?

  6. holger krekel

    Sorry, didn't see your earlier messages on this issue here.

    Unless something changed with the bitbucket notification system in the last weeks, subscription-notification emails only work for the initial creation event. Subsequent updates only go to people explicitely watching or having contributed to an issue. But as maintainer of multiple open source projects i'd appreciate the possibility to be subscribed/watching all issue updates without having to explicitely browse to the issues.

    Could you clarify what should work today? Thanks.

  7. Zach Davis

    If you subscribe to "All issues" in the notifications dialog, as shown below, you should receive emails for all issue updates for that repository.


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