Issue #7959 wontfix

Hook up netbeans to issue tracking

Xavier John
created an issue

Please hook up netbeans to issue tracking.

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  1. Tomasz Trejderowski

    Xavier John Asking BitBucket community / support to create Netbeans plugin does seems to be wrong, don't you think. Asking one open source community to do the job other open source community should is a bit strange, right? You should post this issue on Netbeans Plugins issue list.

    BTW: There is a Netbeans plugin to support Bitbucket (spending enormous 5 seconds on searching Google revealed this deeply hidden mystery -- did you ever use Internet search before you file some issue or bug?). It is called BeanBucket. But, unfortunately, it wasn't updated for past year and it's creator claims, that it isn't even in alpha stage, so this plugin is unfortunately completely unusable and project does look like dead one.

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