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Default branch name prefix from JIRA (BB-9390)

Ben Tatham
created an issue

When pushing "Create Branch" button on a JIRA Issue, it would be nice to configure the branch name to have a default prefix (like features/ as per gitflow). I imagine this feature would be a configuration open in BitBucket, not JIRA either way would be fine.

It should also use the configured "main branch" of the repo for "Branch from".

(I recall seeing something like at the Summit 2013, but perhaps that was on Stash instead.)

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  1. Brian Nguyen staff

    Hi Ben,

    This is something that is available for Stash but not Bitbucket at this time. I have put this issue on our backlog and we will look into it.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Carl Gieringer

    It's confusing that Bitbucket doesn't allow this while Stash does. It took me a lot of googling to discover this page explaining that it is not possible to have branch prefixes when using JIRA and Bitbucket together. +1.

  3. Adam Cuzzort

    This is another confusing thing with the feature parity (or lack thereof) between Stash and Bitbucket. +1 for adding prefixes to JIRA -> Bitbucket agile integration. Gitflow requires those feature/ prefixes on branches to function and having to manually type it every time a branch is created creates plenty of opportunity for forgetting and messing up gitflow.

  4. Andy Waschick

    Hear, hear. Let's keep this experience as consistent as possible. More than once I've created a branch in the wrong place because I was in a hurry. Aren't these tools supposed to make it easier to avoid dumb mistakes?

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