Issue #8340 open

Pull Request POST hook does not include links to related objects (BB-9535)

Frode Aannevik
created an issue

The pull-request id is only included in pullrequest_created.

  • pullrequest_declined
  • pullrequest_unapprove
  • pullrequest_merged
  • pullrequest_updated

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  1. Marius Marais

    Is there any update on this bug?

    Please don't rewrite the whole API... Just add an "id" field to all the POSTs. The comment events have "id" fields, but only to the comment, not the pull request it is related to. (Although you can parse it out of the links.)

    Without the id fields this feature may as well not exist.

  2. Daniel Anechitoaie

    Maybe I'm wrong but this seems like a trivial thing to implement.

    1. Pull request is created = we have the ID
    2. Pull request is updated = SELECT id FROM pull_requests_table WHERE state='OPEN' AND source_repo_and_branch = "repo_and_brnach_that_was_updated" and return an array of IDs of the PRs that have been made to your repo (as you can create multiple PRs with different destinations from a single source branch)

    Currently not sure what can you do for cases when the PR is updated as you don't have an ID to know with what PR to work with.

  3. Ian Bussières

    So, still nothing ? I thought I might comment here and submit my trimestrial activity on this issue in a vain attempt to arise interest from the bitbucket team...

  4. Ben Keith

    Without the PR id, it makes integration with CI needlessly difficult (or inefficient by having to rely on polling). Github has implemented this for a long time in their API and I'm probably going to advocate for the use of that for an next upcoming project. We have been using Bitbucket for many things over Github because of the unlimited private repos but it is worth the money to pay for Github to get a fully functional API. Sorry for the rant--it's just frustrating how simple issues like this get ignored for well over a year.

  5. Thomas Einwaller

    it looks like Atlassian is not really interested in improving this because integration with HipChat works ... by fixing this the would help competitors like Slack to improve their integrations

  6. Adam Liwski

    For this little thing Atlassian is about to loose us for github favor... even for an higher price, as this is mandatory for our development workflow.

  7. Alex Ng

    Any update on this issue? I think this deserves more than just a 'trivial' priority. Without the pull request ID the hooks other than "pullrequest_created" are useless.

  8. Luiz Filho

    So... Yeah... This is our last month on BitBucket. Just finished migrating everything to GitHub and the price, in my company's case, stayed the same. Good bye, Atlassian. Shame.

  9. AlanChurley

    Damn, if theres one reason to use github and not bitbucket, this is it! How hard can this be to implement - just anything that lets me identify which repo/ pull request this is for!

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