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Deleted branch still listed (BB-9455)

Abhaya Thapa
created an issue
  1. Delete branch branch-name.
  2. still lists the branch-name.
  3. When clicking on this branch, leads to 404 error as branch is deleted.

The deleted branch should not be listed on as branch no longer exists

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  1. reynardmh

    I don't think so. I have deleted branch from 2 weeks ago that is still appearing. It's very annoying when your workflow is using branches for each developer and pull request for code review. I have a lot of deleted branches that is still listed. This should be a major issue. This ticket has been open for more than 6 months. Please fix this soon!

  2. Brendan Mannix

    I can confirm I am experiencing the same issue. If this is a simple caching issue, why has this not been fixed in 6 months? It seems like it would be fairly straightforward to invalidate the cache whenever a branch is deleted...

  3. Thibault M.

    Issue (when using Pull Request with "delete branch" option) still exist since... minimum 2 years!!! If you don't have skill (or time) to fix this, add a button to manually force remove orphan branch or hide branch who leads to 404 error when clicking on.

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