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An ability to edit and delete ALL the comments (BB-9845)

Tomasz Trejderowski
created an issue

Why we're limited to being able to edit / delete only our own comments? And we can't do the same on auto-generated comments?

At least give us ability to delete them or to stop them from appearing!

I can't count how many issues were only partially solved by me, because I missed something important, added in a comment, because this comment was surrounded by many useless, not-editable, not-removable, auto-generated comments, added after each edit to main issue text, after changing a milestone, component, priority, kind, assignee etc.

Let's face the facts: In current BitBucket's implementation, auto-generated comments are completely useless and yet you didn't give us any solution to get rid of them!

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  1. Tomasz Trejderowski reporter


    It would be great if the dev team would consider at once not only deletion of all comments, including also auto-generated, but an option to turn this feature off completely.

    I understand that this requires separate internal issue and a little bit more work, but I believe, that you'll find many developers here, that will be very grateful for that.

    Automated, auto-generated comments, added after each edit or property change are not that useful (actually I don't recall much similar systems, that had them), as it may seems. Turning them off at all would be a great advantage. Because even with new option to delete them, it might be a hard piece of work to purge all our repositories and all issues from all of these auto-generated comments.

  2. Tomasz Trejderowski reporter

    Marcus, would you care to explain me (and others) how my "An ability to edit and delete ALL the comments" can be a duplicate of "Create ad hoc, non-pull-request code review"? I don't see any connection between these two issues!

    The latter one says (second line) something about disappearing of comments for pull-requests. I want to be able to edit and delete any auto-generated comment, including those added automatically after for example changing milestone, component or assigned person -- this has nothing to do with comments to pull-requests.

  3. Tomasz Trejderowski reporter

    How we are doing with this issue after a month since reporting it? We really need and option to delete automated comments of even better - a switch in repo configuration to stop them from appearing.

  4. Mario Carugno

    Agree with Tomasz I'll appreciate an option to disable automated comments. And as a bonus, the ability to edit or remove comments (only for admins). Thanks

  5. Gustaf Thorslund

    Found this issue when looking for how to deal with "spam" comments in general. Maybe one solution would be to add tags to comments. If also the admin could set what tags new comments should get (could be different depending on who created the comment or maybe even context of comment), this could be used to set a tag on auto generated comments. Then there would need to be a way to filter comments based on these tags.

  6. Mario Carugno

    But there is no point anyway Displaying comments tagged with 'auto_generated' would only show a long list of

    • edited description

    or something like that with no useful data

  7. Tomasz Trejderowski reporter

    HALF A YEAR has passed since reporting this issue and five and a half month since Michael Frauenholtz said, that he added it to an internal issue tracker and... NOTHING! I begin to thing, that such simple and obvious feature (adding Delete link to every comment plus a configuration option to disable auto-generated comments at all) requires half Bitbucket source code to be rewritten from scratch! :|

    Guys, let's stop joking, OK? WE NEED THAT FEATURE! I'm fighting with garbage, auto-generated comments in nearly every possible issue. My developers can't see important comments, because they are far, far in the end, with garbage about each and every single change. I'm really thinking about throwing Bitbucket away and migrating to GitHub, if so simple and obvious a feature (that should be implemented into Bitbucket from very first version) can't be implemented after even half years since reporting. HOW LONG we're going to wait for it? Anyone there dare to answer?

  8. Abhin Chhabra [Atlassian] staff

    Hi Tomasz Trejderowski. I apologize for the delay in implementing this feature request. Our team handles a large volume of bug and feature requests and prioritizes them based of factors like the number of votes an issue receives. Unfortunately, this feature request has not received many votes.

    Again, I apologize for the delay.

  9. Brendon Rapp

    Throwing in my vote. Most of the auto-generated comments generate a lot of noise with little value.

    Tomasz is right - the Github issue trackers lack this extra noise, and absolutely no one over in Github-land is clamoring to have this kind of noise added in.

    It's an anti-feature. Kill it with fire.

  10. Tomasz Trejderowski reporter

    Brendon Rapp Thanks for supporting me. Unfortunately, I'm tired enough battling extreme igorance from Bitbucket reps' side. Yesterday night it turned out, that Bitbucket is unable to handle large pull requests / merges (>2000 files) and simply crunched our repository, mixing old files with new one, resulting in unbelievable mess. We decided, that this is enough for us, and my entire company is shipping back to GitHub.

    Bitbucket is completely unstable, not reliable at all and is actually in alpha stage. It should never become public with number of bugs it has, and with the speed how they're resolved. Neither no one should pay anything, for what they're currently offering. We're migrating toward GitHub and I suppose, this is the only reasonable option in current circumstances. I highly advice anyone to consider the same, if time is important factor for you and if you don't want to deal with stupid bugs or completely destroyed repositories.

  11. Brendon Rapp

    Well I'm disappointed that the original issue submitter has taken to hyperbole and off-topic ranting, but I would like to keep beating the drum for more control over the auto-generated comments.

    I hope it is self-evident that the "Edited description" comments in particular are a large source of noise and provide very low value for the noise they generate. (Especially since there's no indicator of what the edit was, just that one took place, which seems to be of little use)

    I think the BB team needs to take a hard look at the auto-generated comments and put some thought into which ones are providing value and which ones are just chewing up screen real estate.

    In the meantime, I think I'm going to see about writing a Chrome extension that at least banishes "Edited description" comments from the screen (and they can really pile up if you use the description area to indicate progress on an issue, build up an issue definition over time, etc)

  12. Gabriel D

    I find edited description would only have actual value if the edits were saved for later viewing instead of just an overwrite and an oh by the way the user may have changed everything ...

  13. Brendon Rapp

    I think a status history that's separate from the comment system would be desirable. Something off to the side that can provide all of this information, but does not drown out actual conversation.

  14. Asser Dueholm

    Completely agree with the above. Not being able to delete auto generated comments is an extreamly limiting factor for the issue tracker. In our projects we often use the issue tracker for keeping track of progress, thereby editing the specific issues continually (creating a crazy clutter of "edited description" messages)

    This sure has my vote too

  15. Guillaume Giraud

    Yep, that feature would make a big difference in usabillity. It's been over a year and more than six months since the last update. Bitbucket, are we ever going to get there please?

  16. awsp

    +1 for this issue, the auto comment "edited description" is completely useless and unnecessary. It is also affecting the readability.

  17. Tamra Ross

    Ugh, adding my support for this. I am new to BitBucket so I wasn't sure how my formatting would appear. To make it look nice, I edited my new ticket 4 times to get the formatting right so my team can easily read it. Now it has a bunch of these useless "edited description" comments that will come before any real comments from my team. And it kind of makes me look silly for going in and changing my issue several times -- yes, I'm anal about making my posts pretty, but you don't have to call me out on it :)

    The auto generated comments are not only useless, they negatively impact the workflow on an issue.

    Incidentally, comments still do not work on Chrome at all. You can't post a comment to any issue on that browser as it just hangs when you click the post button.

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