Issue #8932 resolved

Author under commits tab is wrong

Adam Prenders
created an issue

I have two seperate professional Bit Bucket accounts for work for different companies.

My newly created company account has the name of a really old team I was in under the commits tab only.

This is really worrying as the two accounts are completely un-linked.

How could this happen? I have tried clearing cookies but no avail?

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  1. Richard Schilling

    I see this issue now as well. In my case the author shows up as an old group name that I left a while ago. Weird...

    Following the instructions did not solve the problem.

    Help please.

  2. Cory Jones

    I am having this issue as well. My author is also showing up as an old group name that I left a while ago. Following the instructions also did not help. It's seems to be a BitBucket thing, not a Git thing as I am not even using the same computer I was when I was a part of the old group.

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