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Add mime types to static site hosting to enable click once (BB-10429)

Mladen Mihajlovic
created an issue

I posted this as a comment here but I though it'd be better to post as an issue.

Could you guys please add the necessary mime types for this hosting so that click once would work. As stated at it would be ideal if you could add

.application –> application/x-ms-application 
.manifest –> application/x-ms-manifest 
.deploy –> application/octet-stream
.msp –> application/octet-stream 
.msu –> application/octet-stream
.vsto –> application/x-ms-vsto
.xaml –> application/xaml+xml 
.xbap –> application/x-ms-xbap

I've tried to add these by adding a .htaccess file in my repository but that does not seem to work...

Thanks (smile)

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  1. Dan Bennett staff


    Someone should have commented here when we moved this into our task tracking system -- even if there would be a delay, an acknowledgment is always nice. Sorry about that.

    We will be reworking our hosted repository solution soon and will be considering eliminating the one-repo-per-username limitation, the lack of SSL, etc. This issue will be included on the features list to be considered for prioritization.

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