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Deleted branch is visible in 'branches' table after merged pull request (BB-10713)

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Branch was deleted after merging pull request. But anyway I can see it in branches table. When I click on ... and delete btn, I see Error modal window 'Failed to delete branch_name'.

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  1. Brian Holland

    This is still happening, I merged a branch through a pull request and told it to delete the branch. The branch is still in the branches page and when I click on it I get the 404 page. Is there a fix for this?

  2. Brian Holland

    The workaround is to click "Create Branch" and create the same branch again. Then click that branch to open the branch page. Use the "..." menu to choose "Delete Branch" and confirm. The branch will delete properly.

  3. Jiří Šimeček

    Wondering when this will be fixed. I must delete (via mentioned hack - create new branch, delete again) sometimes up to 5 branch links a day that leads to already deleted branch! This is heavily annoying.

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