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Issue #10002 resolved

Cannot delete repository because importing failed (SVN). Repository Chamundi/Siam_Software_Development should be deleted...

Christoph Pohl
created an issue


I imported my repository from SVN before confirming my Bitbucket account by mail. Now I cannot delete the repository "Chamundi/Siam_Software_Development" because importing failed (SVN). Please delete repository "Chamundi/Siam_Software_Development".

Here´s the log, I´m getting when clicking on repository "Chamundi/Siam_Software_Development" :

... 17:22:53 Subversion checkout successful 17:22:53 Creating new git repository... 17:22:57 Initialized empty Git repository in Chamundi/siam_software_development/bb_tmp/.git/ 17:22:57 Done 17:24:00 Done 17:24:00 fatal: No existing author found with 'Chamundi' 17:24:00 Unable to convert svn checkout to git 17:24:00 Svn checkout failed: %s: %s

Thank you


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