Syncing a forked repository failed

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mrangan created an issue

I had a repository X forked from a master repository M belonging to team T. The repository X was behind a few commits from master M. I tried to sync. It was stuck for a long time and nothing happened. After several attempts I gave up.

I went ahead and deleted my forked repository X, recreated the fork from master M. It failed too. But, seems like it was partially successful. Now I have ended up with a new forked repository X, which is broken. Accessing the repository itself gives system error.

Now I am stuck :(

Request ID: 4bf3ecb30a1e4538b83e2592675f8a26

Please unblock me asap.

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  1. mrangan reporter

    My newly forked repository is still in bad state. Accessing it gives 500 error. I tried creating two more forks, giving different names. They also got partially created and went into bad state. I am totally stuck now.

  2. Kaleb Elwert

    I have removed the repository referenced in those support IDs.

    Over the weekend we had a known issue with storage affecting a small portion of our users. This may be an unintended side effect of that problem.

    If you are still having trouble with new repository forks, please feel free to email

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