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Issue #10039 duplicate

Online Edit sets wrong newlines (BB-11010)

created an issue

If you look at this commit with a git diff, you'll see that the change created a complete rewrite of the file because each line has now \r\n instead of the previous \n. This is annoying because this file is no longer readable the same way with the same tools and the commit diff can't tell you what actually was the change. Please let the online editor use the normal \n, at least when the file already uses \n instead of \r\n. I personally also believe that there is no reason to spend two bytes to say what one byte can say, but I accept if other people think differently about their text files.

Also easily noticeable with a git diff are a few space chars that are not necessary. The bitbucket diff doesn't show them. A simple regex can match and kill all trailing space chars automatically without changing the meaning of most text files.

(I leave the priority on major. Don't know about you guys but for me personally such kind of result critical ;))

Comments (7)

  1. Roy Smith

    I agree about this not being minor. I work on unix, and only occasionally edit files on-line (typically to update some README file or whatnot). Having it silently trash my file by inserting returns is just plain broken.

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