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Issue #10046 wontfix

As a committer, I would like the full commit message to be delivered in commit notifications

John Garcia
created an issue

I'm successfully getting commit notification emails, and we're using smart commits so the first item a developer puts in the message is the Jira ticket #, and that is showing up with a successful link, however the remainder of the commit message is not showing up in the email so the email notification looks rather blank. I'm attaching a screenshot of the email, and of the actual commit.

This impacts us because we rely on reviewing the emails for proper commit messages to know what happened in a commit, and we can't rely on that. I don't see why the entire message doesn't appear in the email, despite any formatting issues.

Comments (2)

  1. Kaleb Elwert

    In the case of smart commits, if you can, the best solution would be to use something like the following:

    Short message with commit description
    Long description of commit (if extra explanation is needed)
    GN-902 #resolve

    This allows email messages to get more useful descriptions, but still allow for the usage of JIRA smart commits.

    I'm closing this as wontfix, as displaying the shortlog is more in line with both how we display the commit list on Bitbucket and helps give a better overview of what actually happened in the pushed commits, though you may also be interested in #10058 which requests a visual cue for commit messages which have been truncated.

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