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Issue #10048 resolved

HTTP Error: 400 (Bad request)

Martin Purnomo
created an issue

Hi. We previously had the "Abandoned transaction found - run hg recover" issue a few days ago which was fixed. (As mentioned in #10024, same repository)

The repository: https://bitbucket.org/plutora/portal

Now however, we are receiving a "HTTP Error: 400 (Bad request)" whenever we are trying to pull code through tortoise hg (Me and multiple developers). This may have been caused by me closing a lot of branches because it was working fine during my process of closing them, and then tried to pull again but started to receive this error. When trying to build teamcity, it does not work because of this error either.

I initially did a

'hg rollback'

on my localhost and it seemed to fix my problem, but the "HTTP Error: 400 (Bad request)" came back and we are still unable to build through teamcity.

Looking through some previous tickets, here are some information. Using

hg pull --debug -v

, I receive:

using https://bitbucket.org/plutora/portal
http auth: user MartinPurnomo, password not set
sending capabilities command
bitbucket.org certificate successfully verified
bitbucket.org certificate successfully verified
pulling from https://MartinPurnomo@bitbucket.org/plutora/portal
preparing listkeys for "bookmarks"
sending listkeys command
query 1; heads
sending batch command
searching for changes
all local heads known remotely
sending getbundle command
HTTP Error: 400 (Bad request)

When running

hg verify


checking changesets
checking manifests
crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
checking files
27175 files, 15204 changesets, 79250 total revisions

Using Mercurial version: 3.0.2 Topological Heads: 769 (Another dev has 773)

Note: I'm still able to commit and push code.

Thanks in Advanced.

Comments (4)

  1. Markus Willner

    How did you fixed that? Got the same problem. It only works with

    hg pull -r branch

    It occured after i closed about 50 branches. On the system where i closed them, everthing works fine, but on another system i got this issue.

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