what command run to "Sync Now" in GIT?

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Denis de Matos Santaterra
created an issue


I need Sync my branch, in web site have the link "Sync now", but I need know what command run in console git local?

Do you can give me an exemple?

Thank you.

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  1. Kaleb Elwert

    Hello, all the "sync now" does is merge another branch into yours. So, while you are on your feature branch, you can simply run git merge master or git merge origin/master to "sync" your branch with your copy of master.

    On a side note, other support channels would probably be a better place for this, as this is not a bug report against Bitbucket.

  2. Mariusz Pekala

    The issue could be considered as a small bug in UI - signalling the user what is the purpose or the end effect of that action.

    Your explanation could be a perfect hint, or maybe the action could be renamed from "250+ commits behind testing. Sync now. " to "250+ commits behind testing. Merge testing into your branch."?

    In some workflows that would be a very dangerous operation, and should be (if it's not - I won't dare to try it ;-) be guarded by some "are you really sure?" question.

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