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Hi, I created a jira account and received atlassian email confirmation email. But there is no link in the email content. The content is as belows. Could someone help me to solve this problem? Thanks. Message Title

  @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {.mobile-only {
          width: auto !important;
          height: auto !important;
          overflow: visible !important;
          line-height: normal !important;
          font-size: inherit !important;
          mso-hide: all;

  .desktop-only {
          display: none !important;

  /* iPhone 3GS fix for unwanted 20px right margin */
  body { min-width: 100% !important; padding: 0; margin: 0; }

  #center-content-table { max-width: none; !important; }
  #header-pattern-container { padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px !important;

line-height: 20px !important; } #header-avatar-image-container { padding-right: 8px !important; } #email-content-container { padding: 0 !important; } .mobile-expand { border-radius: 0 !important; border-left: 0 !important; border-right: 0 !important; padding-left: 26px !important;} .mobile-resize-text { font-size: 16px !important; line-height: 22px !important; } #page-title-pattern-header { font-size: 20px !important; line-height: 28px !important; } #page-title-pattern-icon-image-container-cell { padding-top: 7px !important; } #inline-user-pattern { display: block !important; } #inline-user-pattern-avatar { padding-top: 3px !important; } .contextual-area-pattern { border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc !important; padding: 15px 10px 0 10px !important;} .users-involved-pattern-column-table { width: 100% !important; } .users-involved-pattern-avatar-table-cell { padding: 3px 5px 5px 0 !important; } .users-involved-pattern-column-container { padding-right: 0 !important; } .contextual-excerpt-pattern, #users-involved-pattern { border: 0 !important; }

  /** Aui Typography upsized for mobile **/
  #content-excerpt-pattern-container, #contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container

{ font-size: 16px !important; line-height: 22px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h1,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h1 { font-size: 24px !important;

line-height: 28px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h2,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h2 { font-size: 20px !important;

line-height: 28px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h3,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h3 { font-size: 18px !important;

line-height: 24px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h4,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h4 { font-size: 16px !important;

line-height: 22px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h5,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h5 { font-size: 14px !important;

line-height: 20px !important; } #content-excerpt-pattern-container h6,

contextual-excerpt-pattern-text-container h6 { font-size: 14px !important;

line-height: 20px !important; } .user-mention { line-height: 18px !important; } / Aui Typography end /

  /* Show appropriate footer logo on mobile, display links vertically */
  #footer-pattern { padding: 15px 10px !important; }
  #footer-pattern-logo-desktop-container { padding: 0 !important; }
  #footer-pattern-logo-desktop { width: 0 !important; height: 0 !important; }
  #footer-pattern-logo-mobile {
      padding-top: 10px !important;
      width: 30px !important;
      height: 27px !important;
      display: inline !important;
  #footer-pattern-text {
      display: block !important;
  #footer-pattern-links-container { line-height: 0 !important;}
  #footer-pattern-links-container.no-footer-links {
      font-size: 14px !important;
      line-height: 20px !important;
  .footer-link { display: block !important; }
  #footer-pattern-links-container table { display: inline-block !important;

float: none !important; } #footer-pattern-links-container, #footer-pattern-text { text-align: center !important; } #footer-pattern-links { padding-bottom: 5px !important; }

  /** Team Calendar overrides, these should be removed when notifications are

updated in Team Calendars. For now CSS overrides are being used because the structure of the content can't change without rereleasing the plugin / .mail-calendar-container .day-header + table tr td:first-child { vertical-align: top !important; padding-top: 5px !important; }} @Media (min-width: 900px) {#center-content-table { width: 900px; }} @Media all {#outlook a {padding:0;} / Force Outlook to provide a "view in browser" menu link. / / Prevent Webkit and Windows Mobile platforms from changing default font sizes./ body{-webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; -ms-text-size-adjust:100%;} .ExternalClass {width:100%;} / Force Hotmail to display emails at full width / #background-table {margin:0; padding:0; width:100% !important; } / Needed to override highlighting on date and time links in iOS */ .grey a {color: #707070; text-decoration: none; }}

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