Link to google charts in does not get parsed (url linkification issue) (BB-11055)

Issue #10115 duplicate
Joos Kiener
created an issue

The link,y&chtt=Test&chxr=1,0,55&chds=0,55&chxs=1Ns&chls=3&chm=o,0066FF,0,-1,10,0&chd=t:0,10,8,12,1,7,9,2,32,14,11,55&chxl=0:|Jul2013|Aug2013|Sep2013|Oct2013|Nov2013|Dec2013|Jan2014|Mar2014|Mar2014|Apr2014|May2014|Jun2014

is not parsed when used for an image in the readme. The src attribute of the generated image tag is empty. I tried fixing it by encoding the 2 asterisks (*) in the link. With that change the link then works on and on On both these sites the image is then displayed correctly. However not on bitbucket. I also tried to encode further character but to no avail. It just did not work. Since this works for other markdown viewers I consider this a bug.

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