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I have 8 max users plan (7 assigned), I want to add a one new user to TWO new repositories (this user not register in system yet) - I will send invitation by email. When he assign first invitation by email - my plan full with 8 users. But when he try to assign a second invitation he get a message:

The owner of this repository (igorska) is already at their plan limit and will need to upgrade before adding more users.

The main goal that maybe would be logical when user register to system and have invitation that send to her email make auto assigned to projects. In my case with second project invitation was deleted and user assigned manually.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    What's happening here is that when you send out an invitation by email (as opposed to inviting an existing Bitbucket user account), we don't know which user is ultimately going to accept it.

    When you try to send out the second invitation by email, that invitation might be accepted with a different Bitbucket account than the first one. Quite a few users have multiple Bitbucket accounts and when they receive an invitation they have the opportunity to chose which account they accept the invitation with.

    So since it's possible for two email invitations (even when they're both for the same email address) to get accepted by different users, the invite dialog is requires sufficient room in your plan for each of them.

    I will agree that this behavior is a little restrictive and if you want we could raise an issue for it to get changed (to be fair though, this would be a minor issue and might not immediately get prioritized).

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